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Niche Site Metrics is a database of 69,864 websites monetized by Mediavine, AdThrive, Ezoic, and AdSense to help you find profitable topics for your niche website.

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Find competitors in your niche

Quickly search and filter competitors in the niche you're looking at to find new angles or topics you can create content for.

Sort by opportunity

We created an opportunity score based on the Domain Authority and organic traffic to help you find niches you can compete in.

Filter by organic traffic

Only looking for sites with more than 20,000 vsitors a month? No problem!

Target specific ad networks

If you only want to see results from a couple of specific ad networks, you can toggle off any that you don't need.

Filter by Domain Authority

If you know what a low Domain Authority looks like in your chosen niche, you can filter only sites that fit the DA range you need.

Language-specific results

Working on different geos? You can choose the language you need to drill down to.

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