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Find competitors in your niche

Quickly search and filter competitors in the niche you're looking at to find new angles or topics you can create content for.

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We created an opportunity score based on the Domain Authority and organic traffic to help you find niches you can compete in.

Filter by organic traffic

Only looking for sites with more than 20,000 vsitors a month? No problem!

Target specific ad networks

If you only want to see results from a couple of specific ad networks, you can toggle off any that you don't need.

Filter by Domain Authority

If you know what a low Domain Authority looks like in your chosen niche, you can filter only sites that fit the DA range you need.

Language-specific results

Working on different geos? You can choose the language you need to drill down to.

Niche site operators love Niche Site Metrics

Over 600 of the smartest and most beautiful niche site operators and SEOs have purchased Niche Site Metrics.

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Picked up Ian Nuttall's Niche Site Metrics doc. Already found some great dopplegangers and new topic clusters to go after for a few of my sites.

Also found some of my sites in the doc... 👀

Ian is great because he spells Ian the correct way, not like those other Iains.

Niche Site Metrics is a ridiculously useful list of niche sites from Ian Nuttall.

Save 90% of your time from finding and researching competitors for you to overtake.

I just tried out Niche Site Metrics by Ian Nuttall!

This HUGE searchable database of sites making money can help you find your niche.

Find low competition and profitable sites fast.

I bought Niche Site Metrics and Practical Programmatic from Ian.

Found 3 niches in NSM to go after and PP gives a peak behind the curtain into successful pSEO projects.

Ian isn't another Twitter grifter. He provides real examples and actionable value.

I bought Niche Site Metrics and was surprised by the crazy number of sites in the database for the money.

I used it to identify some new-to-me competitors and some topic clusters I hadn't yet thought of for my sites. It's a no-brainer if you wanna get ahead of the competition.

The Niche Site Metrics table from Ian Nuttall is incredibly powerful for boosting your motivation to get shit done.

Imagine owning an asset worth $1m in 4 years from writing content consistently and outreaching links.

That’s how simple it can be. (Simple, not easy).

Ian Nuttall’s Niche Site Metrics report is mind blowing.

It has been just 30 mins and I have found some real gold mines.

Highly recommend if you like to explore new niches 🤑🤑🤑

This is a $500 product, minimum.

Bought this last night, it's already paying for itself in spotting opportunities for topics and keywords to explore for new/existing domains.

Purchased Ian Nuttall's Niche Site Metrics yesterday and it's gonna reduce my competitor research time by a sizeable %...

I could spend all day perusing it. Having way too much fun 🤓


Already found a winning niche to target using Ian Nuttall's Niche Site Metrics. Thanks for putting this together Ian

Do you have questions? I (may) have answers

With my mystical crystal ball I will now predict any and all questions you may have about Niche Site Metrics...

What can I use this for?

Whether you're building a new site or scaling an existing one, you can use Niche Site Metrics to look for underserved and profitable keywords and topics that have low competition.

Filter to your hearts content, find out what keywords the sites in your results rank for, and figure out how you can build content around them to grow your organic traffic.

Personally, I like to find competitors I can outrank using programmatic SEO by using data and advanced templates to rank for a lot of longtail keywords.

How often is the data updated?

New sites are added on the first of every month, which means you have a stready stream of new topics and keywords ideas (or acquisition targets if you're looking to build a publishing empire!).

Do I need Ahrefs or Semrush?

If you have literally no budget for those SEO tools, then we do provide a limited set of keywords that each site is ranking for.

These are really only useful for discovery of the sites though and if you're serious about becoming a topical authority then you'll need access to a lot more data.

Both Ahrefs and Semrush have free trials available or you can grab a monthly subscription to export as much data as you can!

Can I get a refund?

Hey ChatGPT, can you write two sentences about why I can't refund a digital product?

Refunds are not available because this is a digital product that cannot be physically returned or restored to its original state once accessed. This policy helps protect our business from potential abuse and ensures the integrity of our digital content.

Can I bootleg this and sell it on the black market?

If you have to ask, we both know you already plan to. Just know this. I have a very particular set of skills...

I have NicheFinder, do I need this?

Even if you already bought NicheFinder, you might find additional value in Niche Site Metrics. Not least because we have a lot more sites and keywords in the database.

Yes, quality is sometimes better than quantity, but the more data you have in SEO, the better you can scale.

Ultimately, it's up to you! No pressure, but I'm biased and I back my product 100%.

I have a question you didn't predict

Aren't you smart! Ask away.

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